The Human Body is a Wonder

In a post before this I talked about how amazing the human body was with its ability to recover from serious injuries. Now I just want to admire what the human body is capable of as a whole. It is our ultimate tool in the end, capable of remarkable feats that no thinks possible until someone dares to try. This woman being able to balance on a pole with her hands a shoot a bow with her feet is a prime example of that. It is a bit unnerving, but also quite remarkable to see what people can do with their bodies.


Central Park


Central Park is one haven in the middle of a very dense and sprawling city. You never quite realize how isolate it is with all the city around it until you see a picture like this. It demonstrates how little green really grows in a place like NYC and why people need to parks like that. I don’t think anyone could live surrounded by concrete at times.

Nature Nature Nature


So a lot of my post have dealt with nature and all the beauty and inspiration that can be found there. So it should come as no surprise that this post is also about nature, but how could I not do a post about it? When you find a picture of pine cones with a color palette more varied than some paintings. And I think it’s great we live in a world with so much variety and beauty.


Then and Now

Then and Now

Here we have a picture of the London underground past and present merged together. It shows that while things change over time, some things are timeless. I think its easy to get lost in the world nowadays, and knowing that everything changes is a comfort.



This is a picture of an iceberg. I think it’s pretty obvious why wanted to do a post on it. Its not just an iceberg, but it has different color in it. I want to know how and why that happens. Because I think it would be cool to do some art that involved colored ice.