Tis the Season

Tis the Season

Halloween is right around the corner and with that comes pumpkin carving. With that I thought it’d be the right time to make a post about this carved pumpkin that really blew me away. It’s extremely detailed and beyond anything that I am capable of doing.



The Power of the Elements

The Power of the Elements

This is a picture of trees that were uprooted in Holland. Now I found this interesting cause nature did what would take us the use a couple hours of work heavy machinery. Meanwhile nature did it in a couple of minutes.

Creative Biology

  • What was the first creative moment you remember?

My first creative moment would have to be when I decided to write my own comics.

  • Did anyone see it?

My parents were there to see it.

  • What was your best idea?

My best idea was probably when I  decided to move up into more advanced classes in high school.

  • What made it great?

I was able to finally actually challenge myself instead of sitting in basic classes not learning anything.

  • What was your dumbest idea?

When my friends and I climbed into the back of pick up truck, drove around and threw water balloons at people.

  • What made it stupid?

We could have hurt ourselves and our neighbors went and told my parents.

  • What is your ultimate creative ambition?

To be the lead designer on a video game.

  • What are your typical creative obstacles?

Find the motivation to start and something to even finish a project.

  • What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition?

Working hard to learn the skills needed, and land a coop that will help me get started.

  • How do you begin your day?

I wake up, check Facebook, twitter, go to the bathroom, and shower.

  • What are your habits?

I play around with my hands when I’m in deep thought

  • And re those other things you may choose not to call habits;Do you have ritualistic patterns?

I always check Facebook, Reddit, and twitter before I get out of bed. 

  • Which artist do you most admire, and why?

The artist I admire most is probably Stan Lee, because of the countless stories and characters he’s created.

  • What do you and this artist have in common?

A love for superheroes and comic books.

  • Who in your life regularly inspires you? How?

My brother because him and I are so similar but different at the same time. I was always more shy while he was outgoing, and it showed me I could do do the same thing.

  • When confronted with superior intelligence/talent, how do you respond?

I usually feel bit inferior, and a bit down on my own abilities.

  • When confronted with stupidity/laziness, how do you respond?

I usually wonder why they cannot do something that I can, because I know that I’m not the most talented person in the world.

  • When you work do you love the process or the result?

I usually enjoy the result more.

  • What is your ideal creative activity?

Just messing around with friends thinking of fun things we could do.

  • What is your greatest fear.

Not being able to find a well paying job after college.

  • What is the likelihood of the answers to the two previous questions happening?

The first one is pretty likely, but the second one I have no idea what the chances are.

  • Which of your answers would you most like to change?

None really

  • What is your idea of mastery?

Being able to perform any task up to a high quality and you are considered one of the best in the field.

  • What is your greatest dream?

To have a good job, a family and a place to live.

  • What else do you feel would help to define your “Creative Biology?”

No idea


The Human Body

The Human Body

This is a gif of Derrick Rose, All Star point guard for the Chicago Bulls. Just year ago he tore his ACL during a playoff game. After a full year of recovery his is back to full health and actually added to his vertical. I think that its fascinating how the human body is able to recover from one its vital parts being torn, and not just come back at full health but better.


I found this picture and the description saying that the lake never freezes because of hot springs but the surrounding trees freeze from the vapor. I think its fascinating how nature works. Nothing is ever the same through out the entire world, and then you can find special things like this. It helps reinforce the idea of how unique our world is from anything else that we know of.

Fleshing Out Final Project Idea

Setting: I want the game itself to take place in a land swords and sorcery. I want the main focus of the game to take place in a country called Yamsir. The civilization will have technologies equivalent to the Middle Ages. The country will be ruled by a council known simply as the Thirteen. With a large number of of the members being corrupt. There will be very little interaction with the countries surrounding Yamsir.

Backstory: There is growing unrest within the country of Yamsir with the Thirteen increasing taxes on the poor. The military sits within its own country trying to control the uneasy that is cropping up all throughout the country. Each member of the Thirteen   also each has there own spy network and part of the military, which play into their schemes. The days of the Thirteen being a virtuous ruling body are long dead, with only two members still up holding the old ways.

Story: The story starts off with the main character who everyone calls Aupent receives a letter saying that his father, one of the last two non corrupt member of the Thirteen was assassinated. Aupent is order to report the capital city where is he is to take over his fathers duties on the Thirteen. Before he can leave though, his estate comes under attack by soldiers.