• What was the first creative moment you remember?

My first creative moment would have to be when I decided to write my own comics.

  • Did anyone see it?

My parents were there to see it.

  • What was your best idea?

My best idea was probably when I  decided to move up into more advanced classes in high school.

  • What made it great?

I was able to finally actually challenge myself instead of sitting in basic classes not learning anything.

  • What was your dumbest idea?

When my friends and I climbed into the back of pick up truck, drove around and threw water balloons at people.

  • What made it stupid?

We could have hurt ourselves and our neighbors went and told my parents.

  • What is your ultimate creative ambition?

To be the lead designer on a video game.

  • What are your typical creative obstacles?

Find the motivation to start and something to even finish a project.

  • What are the vital steps to achieving this ambition?

Working hard to learn the skills needed, and land a coop that will help me get started.

  • How do you begin your day?

I wake up, check Facebook, twitter, go to the bathroom, and shower.

  • What are your habits?

I play around with my hands when I’m in deep thought

  • And re those other things you may choose not to call habits;Do you have ritualistic patterns?

I always check Facebook, Reddit, and twitter before I get out of bed. 

  • Which artist do you most admire, and why?

The artist I admire most is probably Stan Lee, because of the countless stories and characters he’s created.

  • What do you and this artist have in common?

A love for superheroes and comic books.

  • Who in your life regularly inspires you? How?

My brother because him and I are so similar but different at the same time. I was always more shy while he was outgoing, and it showed me I could do do the same thing.

  • When confronted with superior intelligence/talent, how do you respond?

I usually feel bit inferior, and a bit down on my own abilities.

  • When confronted with stupidity/laziness, how do you respond?

I usually wonder why they cannot do something that I can, because I know that I’m not the most talented person in the world.

  • When you work do you love the process or the result?

I usually enjoy the result more.

  • What is your ideal creative activity?

Just messing around with friends thinking of fun things we could do.

  • What is your greatest fear.

Not being able to find a well paying job after college.

  • What is the likelihood of the answers to the two previous questions happening?

The first one is pretty likely, but the second one I have no idea what the chances are.

  • Which of your answers would you most like to change?

None really

  • What is your idea of mastery?

Being able to perform any task up to a high quality and you are considered one of the best in the field.

  • What is your greatest dream?

To have a good job, a family and a place to live.

  • What else do you feel would help to define your “Creative Biology?”

No idea