Setting: I want the game itself to take place in a land swords and sorcery. I want the main focus of the game to take place in a country called Yamsir. The civilization will have technologies equivalent to the Middle Ages. The country will be ruled by a council known simply as the Thirteen. With a large number of of the members being corrupt. There will be very little interaction with the countries surrounding Yamsir.

Backstory: There is growing unrest within the country of Yamsir with the Thirteen increasing taxes on the poor. The military sits within its own country trying to control the uneasy that is cropping up all throughout the country. Each member of the Thirteen   also each has there own spy network and part of the military, which play into their schemes. The days of the Thirteen being a virtuous ruling body are long dead, with only two members still up holding the old ways.

Story: The story starts off with the main character who everyone calls Aupent receives a letter saying that his father, one of the last two non corrupt member of the Thirteen was assassinated. Aupent is order to report the capital city where is he is to take over his fathers duties on the Thirteen. Before he can leave though, his estate comes under attack by soldiers.